Seeking New Stewards

A New Year is just around the corner, and OPEIU Local 251 has come out of Trusteeship with a great team of leaders.  We are seeking new Stewards to help us build this local into a strong, unified bargaining unit.  We will be having a comprehensive Steward training in the near future and we need your input! 

If you are interested in joining our Steward Team, please contact either Phyllis (844-0696) or Kelley (284-3466) and we'll add you to the training list.

OPEIU Local 251 Executive Board (2018 - 2021)


Title Name Phone
President Kelley Allen 284-3466
Vice President Phyllis Rutka 844-0696
Secretary Treasurer Marian Dorn 845-1359
Recording Secretary Becky Mcintyre-Pacheco 284-6960
Trustee Antoinette "Toni" Lynch 844-3462
Trustee Marie Miller 844-6934
Trustee Angeleen Saiz 284-5303
CWA 7011 Ad Hoc Lavon Reed 266-5876
IBEW 611 Ad Hoc Judi Burkhalter 343-0611
ABF Ad Hoc Judy Otero 883-1010
SNL Ad Hoc Selma Cuellar 845-0244