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Trustee's Appointment Letter


June 15, 2018


Official Trustee Announcement Local 251 Members


As the OPEIU Trustee for Local 251, I have selected the following Local 251 Members to assist me in the rebuilding of Local 251 towards the objective of being released from the Trusteeship imposed upon Local 251 in June of 2017.  As Trustee and Chief Spokesperson for the current Sandia National Laboratories Bargaining Team, it is my opinion that these appointments as advisory members are in the best interest of all of the bargaining units included in Local 251.


The role of the Trustee’s Advisory Committee will be to act in the capacity of advisors during the administration of the affairs of Local 251 as well as to act as participating advisors during the bargaining process in all Local 251 units to ensure that the voice and interest of the members in the respective bargaining units is reflected in the terms and conditions of all new Collective Bargaining Agreements.  Moreover, it is my intent to conduct membership ratification of the respective new CBA’s with the assistance of the appointed individuals.  At the conclusion of the Trusteeship, an official nomination and election process will take place for all leadership positions that will comprise the Board of Directors for Local 251.


The following individuals are appointed effective June 15, 2018, to the Trustee’s Advisory Committee:


President:                              Kelley Allen, SNL Bargaining Unit and Bargaining Team

Vice President:                     Kayla Resendez, SNL Bargaining Unit and Bargaining Team

Secretary-Treasurer:            Marian Dorn, SNL Bargaining Unit

Recording Secretary:           Becky McIntyre-Pacheco, SNL Bargaining Unit

Trustee and Chair:                Phyllis Rutka, SNL Bargaining Unit and Bargaining Team

Trustee:                                  Angeleen Saiz, SNL Bargaining Unit

Trustee:                                  Samuel Ruiz, SNL Bargaining Unit

AdHoc Member:                   Beverly Manuelito, SNL Bargaining Unit/Team Member and

                                                CAT Team Captain

AdHoc Member:                   Judy Otero, ABF Bargaining Unit

AdHoc Member:                   Judi Burkhalter, IBEW 611 Bargaining Unit

AdHoc Member                    Lavon Reed, CWA 7011 Bargaining Unit


In Unity,

Patt A. Gibbs, Esq., Trustee - Local 251