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OPEIU, Local 251

2300 Buena Vista Dr. SE

Building 128, Suite C

Albuquerque, NM 87106


Phone:  (505) 916-0409


Patt Gibbs, Trustee


Mario Seneca, Assistant Trustee


Shelia Peacock, Administrative Trustee


Pam Hansen-Hellwege, Trustee's Advisory Council Member


Toni Lynch, Trustee's Advisory Council Member


Emeline Trujillo, Trustee's Advisory Council Member


Phyllis Rutka, Sandia National Labs 251 Steward


Cynthia Waddles, Sandia National Labs 251 Steward


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  • When is the next union meeting?

  • Testifying – is it considered testifying to speak on behalf of the Union’s past contract negation’s that have kept me as a content employee? Content that the security of a union ready to stand behind me when called up in justified circumstances. Is it considered testifying that contentment is present because I have not needed to call upon the union because they have done their job? I have had no need for personal reasons to call upon the Union because of jobs well done when it comes to contracts. If this is considered a testimony, I will testify.